Baltimore Parks & People Foundation Receives Renovation Grant

Baltimore Parks & People Foundation pic
Baltimore Parks & People Foundation

Anthony W. Deering is the chairman of Exeter Capital, LLC, a private investment firm, and has served many civic and community organizations as a Chairman or a Board Member. Anthony W. Deering previously served as an Honorary Board Member of the Parks & People Foundation.

The Baltimore Parks & People Foundation has received a grant for $437,500 from the National Recreation and Park Association and the American Planning Association. The money will be used to renovate the Ambrose Kennedy Park at Johnston Square. Ambrose Kennedy Park is a 1.75 acre park in the midst of urban blight in the city of Baltimore.

The grant will be used to provide enhancements to the park. The current green space where children play will be improved, and the park will be made a healthier place by the removal of asphalt to enhance the storm-water drainage system. In addition shade trees will be added to cool the park for comfortable community gatherings, and a new restroom facility will be constructed. The greening of the park will provide an access to nature for individuals living in a challenging urban environment.


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